Capture & Bid Design
Capture & Bid Design
Capture & Bid Design
Capture & Bid Design
Capture & Bid Design

BidSquad for Capture & Bid Teams

  • Increase your chances of winning
  • Improve your brand governance and team cohesion
  • Ensure a high value perception throughout
  • Have a more effective division of labour
  • Drive continuous improvement

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Creative Support

From PQQ to submission

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a team of experienced creatives with sector knowledge you could rely on to support all of your bid team – throughout the whole of the bid cycle – with whatever creative need that arose, from engagement strategy to graphics development and bid creation, as well as helping you to keep them customer-focused and brand-aligned?

Sounds good, but so what?

Here’s the big five

Increase your chances of winning

Increase your chances of winning

We can’t say you’ll win more bids, but your chance of winning will certainly be improved. Your proposition will be easier to understand with a high value perception. Your promise of quality, human-centred approaches or assured processes will all be communicated not only in words but in the design too, reinforcing your proposition. You’ll stand out from the competition whether in face-to-face dialogue, key presentations, or wider activities such as comms and social media.

Improve brand governance

Improve brand governance and team cohesion

Design can help you create a strong sense of purpose and mission with an inspiring human focus, bringing any disparate group together effectively and on equal terms, presenting a unified front to the customer and creating a more aligned and motivated culture.

high value perception

Ensure a high value perception throughout

Graphics come together as an integral part of the bid authoring process and win strategy development. They work in sync with the text, have continuity of design, succinctly deliver the proposition with optimised word-count – and don’t look like an afterthought. Your digital marketing adopts the same style for a powerful, unified impact. Ultimately, you’ll look as professional and slick as you sound.

effective division of labour

Have a more effective division of labour

Let the technical teams focus on building the solution, and the writers articulate the proposition. Let us support them directly, listening, understanding and translating their work into meaningful, elegant graphics.

continuous improvement

Drive continuous improvement

We deliver not only improved bid effectiveness, but longer term added value by establishing a core library of assets, embedding a process for blended bid/graphics development and contributing to your post-bid review. And when you win, we can seamlessly pivot into creative support to your delivery teams to ensure your high value perception and client engagement is maintained.

The website is mind-blowing!

The EllisJames team were very engaging and thorough throughout the whole brand discovery and web design experience. We have had numerous colleagues and clients comment on how clear the message is about the value that Salentis offers our clients.

Aaron Birkbeck, Salentis International, CEO

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