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    Private sector, Defence, Aerospace, Technology, Engineering

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    Leadership, Business Development, Marketing

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    Brand Strategy, branding, slide decks, 3D modelling, animation, website design and development, events, messaging, copywriting

Our relationship with AERALIS is enormously exciting as we support a genuine disruption to military aircraft development. It is the exemplar for how we can support new and existing brands develop their businesses with strategy-led multidisciplinary creative support.

What’s the deal?

For generations, air forces have been locked into a growing mix of single point aircraft designs, each with its own logistic support, management and training burden. This locks the air force into one system limiting cost effectiveness and operational flexibility. AERALIS is changing that with a cutting edge modular approach, allowing one central fuselage to be adapted for different roles with a different combination of wings, cockpit and engines.

So what?

It’s potentially a huge disruption to the military aircraft fleet norm, but getting that idea to fruition is understandably a huge task. We kicked off with a Discovery session to give us a good understanding of the AERALIS brand and intent, and built a brand strategy to deliver that. It was clear a rebrand was necessary, and we helped the team rationalise and hierarchise their core messaging, separating out the AERALIS system from the AERALIS aircraft, and simplifying the proposition to the audience. We’ve already supported a number of bids, designed and produced the AERALIS website, produced numerous slide decks to major stakeholders and created a variety of dynamic visualisations of AERALIS aircraft on the frontline.

Yeah, but, so what?

AERALIS has a responsive on-hand design capability, giving their sales and BD team the ability to tailor every engagement for maximum, focused impact – whether that’s to government officials, high ranking military personnel, investors or industry PR – and on whichever channel or media is most appropriate. And it’s working. We can’t yet share anything specific, but AERALIS is well on the way to achieving its ambitious goals.

Favourite project?

It’s always fun to produce new visualisations of the future AERALIS aircraft in their intended roles. Overall though, it’s the breadth and variety of what we are supporting AERALIS with that demonstrates the value multiplier that our approach represents, and that really excites us. At the core of that is our cumulative sector knowledge and ability to comprehend a solution and its benefits in context.

We’re delighted to be working together

Simon and the team at EllisJames couldn’t be more responsive, creative and committed; great to work with, delivering no-nonsense, high quality branding & marketing inspired by excellent sector knowledge; we’re delighted to be working together.

Tristan Crawford, CEO

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