• Sector:

    Private sector, Consultancy

  • Team:

    Sales and BD

  • Expertise:

    Strategy, branding

Earlier in 2021, Beephenom approached EllisJames to assist them in rebranding following a forthcoming change in name. What followed was a rewarding process, but one where our work would be shared globally and to a higher echelon of audience than we’d ever anticipated.

What’s the deal?

MossKind is a strategic consultancy, delivering transformative change to large, complex organisations through the precise appointment of well chosen individuals into key roles.

So what?

In branding terms, it’s easy to misunderstand what MossKind does as being recruitment, when actually it’s something far deeper and applied at the highest tiers of a business strategy. In this way, MossKind enables large corporates to deliver their longterm strategy. MossKind had already done a great deal of valuable introspection before we hit them with one of our Discovery sessions. They knew they needed to project their human-centredness more, and communicate their genuine commitment to what they do. What they needed was our help in orchestrating those elements into an impactful and relevant branding solution.

Yeah, but, so what?

Moss–the plant is a pioneering species; it breathes new life into barren environments; it is the hero who helps other species thrive. We used this philosophy to shape the MossKind brand. The outcome is a logo and branding system grounded in meaning. The elements come together in one unified shape to create a powerful ‘M’ monogram that embodies MossKind’s core values. The logo is one continuous line, forming two interlinked figures combining to create a central heart. Like moss itself, the brand creates culture, transforms landscapes and thrives in sometimes impossible places.

Favourite project?

What we always find with successful branding programmes is that it energises their team, and that could not be truer for MossKind. One area of the project we are particularly proud of is the team’s comprehensive brand book. The brand book will guide the internal team in bringing their new brand to life, help shape strategy and make the world a just a little more beautiful.

A pioneering brand that speaks from the heart

MossKind helps businesses grow. Together, we worked hard to create a human-centred brand that brings their ‘why’ to life. The outcome was a design system grounded in meaning, MossKind’s empowering values, and compelling visuals work in perfect tandem to evoke a strong brand oozing with heart. 💜

Ally Binns, Designer, EllisJames