• Sector:

    Land, ML/AI, Defence

  • Team:

    Bids, BD

  • Expertise:

    Proposals, graphics, slide decks

Rowden is an exciting disruptor in the defence sector, being privately owned and run by military veterans, independently funded and designing leading information systems and machine learning applications for personnel on the frontline.

What’s the deal?

By its own admission, compared to the prime contractors it goes up against, Rowden is a minnow. But they see that as a good thing – able to achieve a level of focus and agility that eludes larger organisations, and able to provide a unique kind of capability and insight that few in the sector can match. Rowden has purpose and vision, and a compelling proposition, but recognises they must invest in their brand estate to ensure they convey that capability to their target audiences.


So what?

Our relationship with Rowden isn’t one where they want to improve their win rate – they are already very adept at winning work against some of the largest in the sector. Rowden engaged us as an investment in their brand estate and communication capabilities to ensure they maintain that success and deliver even more added value to their customer partners.

Yeah, but, so what?

We started working with Rowden in 2021, and immediately set to work supporting their response to two bids and a competition. Both bids were won and Rowden got through to the shortlist of the competition (yet to be held). Did we make the winning difference? No, I doubt it, Rowden are such a progressive and capable team in their own right. But we did make a difference – to how it involves designers, how its proposals can look and how it approaches visualising solutions. In short, we’ve added strings to their bow and because of our sector knowledge and comprehension, were able to start delivering that value almost immediately.