Platform shoes for Sales & BD Teams

  • Improve your conversion rates
  • See a better sales return on investment
  • Optimise every engagement opportunity
  • Increase your brand’s value perception
  • Improve the quality of your first impression

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Graphic design for sales and BD

You’ve either got no internal design capability or what you have got isn’t able to react fast enough?

Graphic design for sales and BD

Your library of assets – slide decks and sales literature – is outdated or lacking in consistency and punch?

Graphic design for sales and BD

You’d like more strategic creativity to support your sales funnel activity more effectively?

Graphic design for sales and BD

You’re not proud of what you currently send out or share?

Graphic design for sales and BD

You’d like more usable and better quality templates and graphics?



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Here’s the big five

Improved conversion rates

Improved conversion rates

Our human-centred approach is the ideal balance to your technical expertise, helping to frame your proposition in the context of customer need. It delivers more focused, personalised targeting, returning a higher yield from a smaller, but better refined target pool.

Better sales Return

Better sales Return on Investment

Spend less for each new client converted through a combination of blended design and solution strategies, cumulative higher value perception and a more effective sales funnel.

Optimised engagement

Optimised engagement opportunities

Sometimes the break you need comes with very short notice. Our goldilocks size, design methodology and sector knowledge enable us to do great work quickly, and with a trusted level of autonomy. You can crack on with minimal fuss and leave it with us.

Raised quality expectations

Raised quality expectations

Blend design with your BD strategy and your whole team will raise their expectations for the quality of the materials they use – that’s a good thing. Their sensitivity to brand perception will deepen, and they will show renewed pride in the brand they represent. Trust me. It happens every time.

Making first impressions last

Making first impressions last

Great words are wasted on slumbering ears. Meaning, all that genius work you’ve done on the commercials and a great solution package isn’t going to land if you can’t engage your audience with its brilliance. Why leave it to chance? Take control. Don’t just inform your audience – inspire them. Design can do that.

EllisJames have been brilliant in helping us distil our story

Getting the story of your business and its distinctive offer across to an audience succinctly and consistently is key to success; EllisJames have been brilliant in helping us distil our story and build our brand. All, of course, at pace.

Dean Taylor, AERALIS, Head of Sales

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