• Sector:

    Private sector, Fintech

  • Team:

    Leadership, business development

  • Expertise:

    Discovery, Brand strategy, Branding, interface design, website design and development, messaging

Hydr is the brainchild of founders Nic Weedall and Hector Macandrew, who set out to create a digitally enabled invoice funding solution for businesses who have to cope with lengthy payment terms. EllisJames supported the entrepreneurial pair across the board, from branding to interface and website design and development.

What’s the deal?

Many businesses allow a period for their customers to settle invoices. When dealing with larger businesses, they will often insist on terms that suit them which can reach 90 days. Clearly, this presents a problem to the cashflow of small businesses, limiting their ability to plan ahead effectively, and exposing them to additional risk and burdens of cost. To reduce this risk, companies might turn to invoice finance services who might pay a proportion of an invoice in a shorter period of time in return for a varying fee based on the total invoice amount. However, the onus remains with the company to ensure the client pays up when the original invoice comes due.

Powered by Hydr’s revolutionary software, SME’s are able to have their invoices paid within 24hrs of creation, subject to a fee that is fair and fixed and the team at Hydr also take responsibility to collect payment for the invoice themselves.

So what?

We were invited to get involved with Hydr by Hector Macandrew himself, who we’d met while working on the website programme for another business he was involved in.

The challenge for us was that invoice finance doesn’t have a great reputation, and Hydr’s approach is so significantly different that aligning it with ‘invoice finance’ does it a disservice. We needed to capture Hydr’s fresh-faced, technologically enabled approach, and create broad appeal with a contemporary, relevant and friendly identity.



Yeah, but, so what?

We then worked closely with Nicola and Hector to develop key messaging around the value proposition, articulating key benefits and Hydr’s unique platform to two main audiences: those that have used invoice finance before; and those that haven’t considered how it might benefit their business.

Our designers and development team also worked closely with Hydr’s contracted development team, who were building the all-important back end system – the secret proprietary system that makes the platform possible. We supported them with design direction to ensure a seamless experience between the website, sign-up process and web app.


Favourite element?

The technical challenge and multi-agency collaboration was really effective, and supported the infant venture in its most delicate days. We pride ourselves on our openness and willingness to get stuck in with other experts – it’s not only the right thing to do for a customer, it’s also a great learning opportunity for us too.

Our polished branding solution allowed Hydr to punch above its weight from the kick-off, not only online but in their engagement with investors.

Ultimately, Nicola and Hector are up and running and their bravery and innovative spirit is shaking things up in what is a rather staid sector. To feel we’ve been a part of making that success happen fills us with pride.

We regard EllisJames as an extension of our business

We trust their judgement and skill on all matters brand, from the creation of our logo to the development of our website. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Hector Macandrew, Founder, Hydr

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