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  • Creative partners you can rely on
  • Design that works strategically and tactically
  • Multi-channel activity
  • Supporting content for your comms and PR partners
  • Optimising ROI
Better Business By Design
Sounds good, but so what?

Here’s the big five

Creative partners you can rely on

Creative partners you can rely on

You don’t just want designers. You want creative partners that you can trust with the briefest of briefs to ideate, strategise and ultimately, get a job done well; experienced enough to understand the context that your team operates in and the pressures they are under; and committed enough to go the extra mile. That is how you make the most of design in your business.

Improve brand governance

Design that
works strategically
and tactically

Our Design Thinking-led approach is human-centred, outcome-focused, strategy-aligned. That means we design to deliver the results you need – we don’t want to see your expertise let down by poor execution. We balance bang-for-buck to ensure your team is equipped with strategically effective and cost-effective tools that are easily deployed, impactful and, where possible, re-useable.

Improved conversion rates

Multi-channel activity

Effective engagement is about meeting audiences on their terms, in the places they frequent, with an authentic message that offers compelling solutions to their problems. Our multi-talented team is able to strategise, coordinate and deliver campaign materials optimised for every available channel, from 3D animation to exhibition stands, slide decks to brochures. This maximises the footprint of your campaign, and leverages the cumulative power of multi-channel distribution.

agile graphic design

Content support for your PR and comms partners

Many of our clients already have internal comms teams in place, or have ongoing support from external PR specialists. Our Creative Partnering approach dovetails with their activities, ensuring they have multi-media support for their content to project your brand with the most impact, while maintaining brand continuity and maximising cumulative effect. We are excellent collaborators, truly welcoming the opportunity to work with other professionals for the common goal.

effective division of labour

Optimise your ROI

Ultimately we’re interested in getting you results. We hate wasted time, effort, resources – and money. We believe deeply in the power of design as a strategic imperative for businesses, but we’re dismayed at the amount of ‘design’ that isn’t fit for purpose, lacks consideration of context and fails to connect brand intent with customer pain. An investment in design is as much cultural as it is monetary, but the returns of good creative exposition will affect your whole business, its people and its prospects.


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Design for comms teams

Our materials are outdated and they bore me

Design for comms teams

Our competitors’ are doing things better than us

Design for comms teams

Our message isn’t landing with our target audiences

Design for comms teams

Our current designers aren’t asking us the right questions

Design for comms teams

We want to explore other channels and media types



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The team met and exceeded all expectations

We engaged Ellis James Creative to help us with the development of a visually stimulating and interactive strategy document. They have shaped the project but have been very happy to receive our ideas, develop and incorporate them too.

Stuart Lane, NHS, University Hospital Dorset