The HeartBranding & Identity

  • Give your brand the identity it deserves
  • Elevate your brand value perception
  • Extend your market differentiation
  • Take control of your brand ecosystem
  • Deploy your brand consistently and
    with impact whatever the channel
Better Business By Design
Sounds good, but so what?

Here’s the big five

Give your brand the identity it deserves

The quality of many brands is often better than the quality of the branding created to represent them. This does a disservice to all that they try to do, whether that’s engaging with their target audiences, trying to attract talent, or inspiring the talent they’ve already got. Our branding process is explorative, collaborative and iterative; designed to capitalise on your uniqueness, reflect what drives your organisation, show connection to your audience and represent your brand with meaning.

audience engagement

Elevate your brand value perception

Humans are incredibly sensitive to brand cues. We are so adept at this that we gather brands around us to communicate our sense of self, show our belonging to tribes or enhance our perception in the eyes of others; and we assess those in others almost instantly. EllisJames’s Design Thinking driven approach strategises a bridge between your brand and your audience, engaging them with high value perception and compelling promise.

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Extend your market differentiation

Your brand is unique – we know it – but does your identity match up? Or is it a bit, you know, magnolia? Getting the balance right between showing relevance to a sector and standing out from the same crowd can be a difficult challenge. We’re very perceptive brand strategists and adept at striking the right tone and balance, and with a successful track record of branding programmes, bring a great deal of learning and insight to the table.

Increase your chances of winning

Change the way your people see the brand

Your people are the fingertips of your organisation – the touchpoints at which brand meets customer. In that regard they are all brand ambassadors, and it’s critical that they understand how the brand should be deployed correctly. If they see a quality brand, they will communicate a quality brand. If they have high quality assets and templates, they will be far more engaged in keeping it looking that way.

Deploy your brand consistently
and with impact

For brands to be fully supported by their identity, they need a lot more than a few logos. Marketing and engagement strategies have to consider all appropriate channels, and you need to be in a position where you can react and deploy your branding confidently, coherently and with high quality, whatever the opportunity. We create comprehensive ecosystems around your core identity, with libraries of assets and, most importantly, the guidance you need to take independent control, across your business.

How we can help


A proven collaborative and iterative process for branding creation that delivers inspiration to you and your team, and the tools required to give you governance and control of it.

  • Branding and identity design
  • Logo design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand toolkits
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand templates
  • Brand governance
  • Social media templates

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The website is mind-blowing!

The EllisJames team were very engaging and thorough throughout the whole brand discovery and web design experience. We have had numerous colleagues and clients comment on how clear the message is about the value that Salentis offers our clients.

Aaron Birkbeck, Salentis International, CEO