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What makes us tick…

We’re a close-knit bunch of like-hearted people. Inquisitiveness and a hunger for continual personal development are what we look for and celebrate in our team members. We value the intangibles, the experiences and the qualities that makes us individuals. Humour is a must, and a culture of innovation and creativity is essential.

The EJ Purpose
Inspiring organisations to make design a daily essential, so they can become more innovative and human-focused for a more connected, rewarding working world.

The EJ vision
Organisations are enriched with human-centred creativity – design. Empathy makes them more effective, productive, innovative and happy, and they solve problems better, together.

  • Simon Ellis

    Si Ellis –

    CEO & Founder

  • Charlie Ellis –


  • Tom Wicks

    Tom Wicks –


  • Ally Binns –


  • Sarah Orpen –


  • Tom Windy

    Tom Windfeld –


  • Mark Whiting –

    Deployed Service Manager

Commit, Create, Collaborate

Get on board, become part of the crew. Throw ideas on the fires of innovation. Work well with others because it’s fun, you learn more, and you get a better job one faster.

Design Think before Design Do

We are psychology first, aesthetics second. Design for human nature, not against it.

Give 100%

Work to the fullness of our abilities, always. There is no such thing as 50% design.

Be fascinated

Be intrigued by everything. Be always willing to learn more.


We won’t earn trust by always agreeing with our clients, and they won’t experience the full benefit of our primary advantage – objectivity.

Be honourable

Work with honour. Be trustworthy and honest. Assume good faith. Find clients and colleagues that share these values and enjoy this way of working. Avoid those who don’t.

Be nice

To be nice is to care about our interactions with others – a willingness to give without a guarantee of receiving. Nice intimates an innate desire to work together, to be part of something bigger than one could create alone.

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With love from EllisJames

Complex problems are best solved together. At EllisJames we do the big things brilliantly and small things beautifully. We approach every project as a partnership, so you enjoy the collaborative process just as much as the final outcome.

  • Human focused
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  • Strategic
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