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We love helping clients realise just how brilliant they are and how important their work is; then we help them share that wonder with the people that need it the most.




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Better Business By Design

We’re a close-knit bunch of like-hearted people. Inquisitiveness and a hunger for continual personal development are what we look for and celebrate in our team members. We value the intangibles, the experiences and the qualities that makes us individuals. Humour is a must, and a culture of innovation and creativity is essential.

The EllisJames Purpose

We help brands stand out and their people stand together.

We help them recognise what makes them unique and then help them articulate it to the people that matter, building a bridge between their genius to the needs of others.

The EllisJames Vision

To give our customers the most inspiring and fulfilling experience of strategic creativity, such that they understand and trust the creative process, and invite it into their lives, both at work and in the world.

  • Simon Ellis

    Si Ellis –

    CEO & Strategy Lead

  • Charlie Ellis –

    Business Director

  • Ally ‘Binbag’ Binns –

    Creative Lead and Customer Experience Manager

  • ‘Lady’ Sarah Harvey-Orpen –


  • Tom Windy

    Tom ‘Windy’ Windfeld –


  • Mark Whiting –

    Creative Partnering Manager & Strategy Consultant, Defence

  • Claire ‘Baileys’ Bailey –


Core attitudes that align us

Our values


Be true to yourself and to others. Solve problems based on the pragmatic realities of human nature, not our idealised version of it.


The world needs ideas now more than ever before. Do not be drawn by trend but by what is right the challenge.


Be ever curious with the world around us. Respect other peoples’ knowledge and seek to learn from them. Listen. Ask questions.


The world isn’t always nice, but we can be.


Work to improve a situation. Work to solve a challenge. Make a positive difference to each other’s lives and our environment.

Sectors we love

We help brilliant people tell other people what they do, brilliantly.

If you’re an organisation with highly technical outputs, have large cohorts with complex interoperability and cultures or innovators who are heavily focused on their product, then we’d love to hear from you.

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