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When faced with a new problem, internal teams can find it difficult to coalesce their mindsets behind a unified strategy, vision or even understanding of the true nature of the problem. The Design Thinking process has been proven to be enormously effective in providing the structure required to work through such problems empathetically, pragmatically, and creatively, to produce truly effective solutions.

Brand understanding

You’ve got a brand, but you don’t really understand it. You struggle with defining its purpose, its mission, its vision or its values, and you wouldn’t be sure what to do with them even if you could. You’re proud of the work you do, but you’re too close to the business to understand the real-world difference it makes to other people. Consequently, you struggle to agree on a clear strategy for how you take the business forward and how you engage your staff and your customers.

Audience engagement

You want to engage a target audience with a specific initiative. The audience could be internal or external, but ultimately, it’s crucial that you engage them effectively to see change in mindset, behaviour or perception.


You’d like to innovate your offering and carve a new niche or break new ground for the products, services or customer experiences that you offer, but you struggle to break your mindset out of familiar territories.

Customer understanding

You have customers you want to engage in a more effective way, but don’t understand where the opportunities exist. Or you’ve got users and you want to improve their experience with your product. Or you might be developing a new product and want some insights to how you can improve your offering.

Idea generation

It’s common that teams will find themselves going in circles – orbiting a problem, without actually being able to penetrate to a real solution. Discovery workshops can help break out of this cycle and open new avenues of exploration.

“We went through a structured process covering branding and design along with a deep-dive discussion into the Why of our brand and what we delivered for our clients that our competitors don’t. This was done through a mixture of online resources and workshops during which we closely collaborated to create a strong foundation form the design to grow.”

Outline of content

Workshops take approximately 6 hours and include a mixture of facilitator-led insights from Design Thinking practice, interactive challenges, collaborative working and group debate.

It will give participants structures for breaking the problem-solving process down into manageable and disciplined chunks; techniques for changing mindset to enable an unbiased and human-centred approach; and elevate their confidence when faced with future problems.

Learning objectives

During the workshops, participants will:

  • Express their hopes for what the eventual solution will deliver and inspire
  • Identify the key profiles of their target audiences
  • Develop empathetic understanding of those individuals and create empathy
  • maps to better understand their mindsets, challenges, pains and opportunities to reach them
  • Define the brief for the challenge in relation to the target audience
  • Be creative, generating a wealth of ideas to deliver an effective solution
  • Consider, assess and debate their ideas and refine a shortlist of routes to progress

Follow-up work

Afterwards, EllisJames will collate the content generated during the workshop and make recommendations for how to progress.

It has been a delight working with the EllisJames team

The directors of the business are delighted with the results – not only the look and feel, but also the way we have portrayed ourselves as advocates for our clients and that we have a full understanding of their issues and can provide excellent solutions to help them achieve what they need.

Karen Espley, Salentis International, Operations Lead, UK & EMEA

Build a brand that matters.

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