#RIAT23 was a bit wet this year, but it was far from a damp squib. I felt so sorry for the thousands of school kids (and their poor teachers wrangling them through the crowds), trying to make the best of the squalling drizzle, but it was great to see such enthusiasm for aerospace and aviation.

As EllisJames Creative supports a number of our clients with their show materials, I do like to get to as many events as possible to ensure things have turned out well – and see what might be improved next time round.

Babcock International Group gave us a great challenge for this year – a 10metre long mural running almost the full length of their chalet! It worked a treat as well – created a stunning backdrop to the whole space.

AERALIS shared their chalet with AirTanker, and we created a co-branded graphic for their reception space, achieved with a composite of photography and 3D modelling. As with last year, we also supported AERALIS with large wall graphics, table-talkers, brochure and some branded items too. All worked really well together, creating an impactful presence.

And bless Ascent Flight Training – always outside, manning their own not-so-little flightline of aircraft exhibits – H-135 and H-145 helos, Texan T-1, Hawk T-2 King Air 350 and Phenom. Last year it was sunburn they were trying to avoid, this year, trenchfoot.

I was amazed anything flew on Friday, but despite the grey and looming cloudbase we did see the Typhoon, F-16, Airbus Tiger and H-175 helos, A330 MRTT and F-35B.

Hope everyone attending enjoyed themselves, despite the vagaries of the British summer!

Now on to #dsei2023! Hope to see you there!