Talk about proud. As you might know, we’ve worked closely with AERALIS for a few years now. It’s full-on at the best of times, but the run-up to this year’s DSEI show was on another level.

DSEI is such an important stage, and AERALIS had even more to say this year than last. Most importantly, it was crucial that we were able to support the reveal of AERALIS’s final design for their ground-breaking modular light jet system. However, their digital engineering team were still hard at work less than a month before the event.

That meant we had less than three weeks – yes, that’s three weeks – to achieve the following:

  • Transition of CAD Outer Mold Line (OML) into our 3D modelling platform, complete with livery scheme, rendered illustrations and animations
  • DSEI stand graphics
  • Website development (c/o Rob Morrisby)
  • Web content generation and copywriting
  • Brochure and handout design, writing, printing and delivery
  • Branded bags and waterbottles designed, produced and delivered
  • Interactive touchscreen presentation

This work ran parallel to AERALIS’s ongoing competition for Air Cadets to name the first AERALIS flight test vehicle, which EllisJames has also supported.

Ellis James have been absolutely amazing during our preparation for DSEI 2023. Working to a very tight timeline they have created stunning renders of our new-design aircraft, delivered wonderful imagery for the stand walls, produced copy and artwork for an entire brochure as well as other marketing collateral and re-designed/launched our new website. The whole project has been incredibly challenging but they have kept their positive, can-do attitude throughout and really delivered. Their in-depth knowledge of aircraft and marketing strategy is invaluable, and they have once again proved to be a brilliant partner in all our marketing and branding requirements.

Rebecca Haynes, Head of Marketing and PR, AERALIS

Our ability to achieve all of this, and at such high standard, is testament to: the strengths of our strategy-led, multidisciplinary creative partnering approach; our ‘Brazil70*’ team working style; and our depth of knowledge, comprehension and enthusiasm for the aerospace and defence sectors.

It’s also demonstrative of a wonderful client relationship and the support of some amazing suppliers.

Together, we were able to give AERALIS the brand presence they deserved for such an important step forward in their delivery of flexible, affordable, on-demand defence capability. We should all be proud that this vision was born in the UK and is being driven forward by some of the world’s best talents in aerospace, air force and engineering right here in Bristol.

EllisJames is a strategic creative defence specialist, supporting Business Development, Bid, Sales and Comms teams to build and govern their brand, and engage target audiences effectively with relevant and compelling propositions.

* Widely considered one of the best football teams of all time, Brazil’s 1970 World Cup winning team combined individual flair and brilliance with unselfish, fluid passing of the ball to deftly sidestep obstacles and hit the target with elegant efficiency.

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